Steven E. Armstrong is a litigator admitted to practice in New York State and various federal courts.  He has handled multi-million dollar commerical disputes in New York State and Federal Court.  In addition, Mr. Armstrong has worked on product liability litigation that has required his assistance in jurisdictions across the country and the globe.  This extensive experience in complex litigation has given him a unique perspective on handling multi-jurisdictional disputes and on the complex scientific evidence necessary to defend companies facing these challenges.  He understands that modern litigation often requires clients to build teams of attorneys across different jurisdictions and different specialties.  Mr. Armstrong has participated in large “virtual firms” and has experience both with supervising large teams of attorneys as well as serving a part of a larger team.  Our firm is prepared to build a team of lawyers that can help your company reduce costs.

If your business or company is facing the prospect of a product liability suit or needs counsel in a complex commercial dispute, please feel free to contact Mr. Armstrong’s office for an initial consultation either by electronic mail or telephone. Mr. Armstrong looks forward to the opportunity to be of assistance to you or your company.

The Mission

“My values are simple: excellence and integrity. You deserve an attorney who gives honest advice in your best interest, an attorney committed to knowing the facts of your case inside and out, an attorney who leaves nothing to chance, an attorney who is always prepared.  My goal is to be the attorney you deserve.”
– Steven E. Armstrong