Prior to starting his own practice, Steven E. Armstrong was an attorney for ten years at Hughes Hubbard & Reed, LLP, which the American Lawyer rated as the number one law firm in New York in its annual “A-list.”

Mr. Armstrong has extensive experience in the areas of product liability, complex litigation, and commercial and business litigation. He has dealt with a variety of complex scientific and medical problems in the litigation of various personal injury suits involving medical issues.  Since beginning his own firm, Mr. Armstrong has assisted a Fortune 500 client in the defense of a class action lawsuit.

Mr. Armstrong is a graduate of New York University School of Law, one of America’s top law schools. He is a certified trial advocate from the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, a member of the bar of New York State, and admitted before federal courts in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

Trial Work

Mr. Armstrong has tried cases in both federal and state court in New York and played an important role in a variety of trials in other jurisdictions.  In addition, he has extensive experience working for Fortune 500 companies, conducting jury research, and developing trial themes in front of mock juries.

Mr. Armstrong is a National Institute of Trial Advocacy Certified Advocate

International Experience

Mr. Armstrong’s experience spans the globe.  He has provided advice and support for Fortune 500 companies on litigation throughout the world.  He has provided support for class action proceedings in Canada, Australia, and Israel as well as working on individual proceedings throughout Europe and South America.

In addition to assisting companies outside the U.S. with litigation in New York State, Mr. Armstrong’s experience includes drafting opinions on U.S. law for use in European courts.

Mission and Values

“My values are simple: excellence and integrity. You deserve an attorney who gives honest advice in your best interest, an attorney committed to knowing the facts of your case inside and out, an attorney who leaves nothing to chance, an attorney who is always prepared.  My goal is to be the attorney you deserve.”
- Steven E. Armstrong