Product Liability

Product liability and toxic torts is one of the most active and costly areas of
litigation for businesses. Steven E. Armstrong has extensive experience assisting clients
in complex product liability and toxic torts in courts both in the United States and in
jurisdictions around the globe. Mr. Armstrong has participated in trials assisting defendants
in some of the most difficult jurisdictions in the United States as well as the U.K.,  Australia and Israel.
Mr. Armstrong’s philosophy is that there is no issue too complex to be
made understandable to juries and judges. While some lawyers shy away from
complex scientific issues, Mr. Armstrong has experience making these issues
understandable and working with experts to communicate to a jury in a friendly manner.

Product liability and mass tort litigation can be expensive. Businesses facing
product liability claims sometimes find themselves wondering whether it will be the
plaintiffs’ law firm or their own that will bankrupt them.  Hiring the cheapest lawyer can
be even more costly when the results come in.  Mr. Armstrong’s extensive experience with
large and complex cases uniquely positions him to represent clients in a cost effective
manner that these lean times demand.  He can assemble teams of lawyers to meet your
needs in a cost effective manner.  He works with clients to find the most cost effective
manner to insure the best possible outcome.

Commercial litigation

Mr. Armstrong has extensive experience in commercial litigation and business disputes.
He recently obtained a $15 million judgment on behalf of a client in litigation between
partners in a joint venture to develop a complex of condominiums. Mr. Armstrong is also
representing client in federal court involving a dispute over the development of a large
retirement community.

Complex litigation

Mr. Armstrong’s cases regularly involve complex scientific matters.  He brings a decade of
experience helping expert witnesses explain complex scientific issues in jury friendly language. 
This work has focused on medicine, epidemiology, and toxicology as well as economics and statistics.